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Areas of Expertise

Čovdesign's environmental engineers, designers and technicians deliver efficient, cost-effective feasible solutions for industrial, commercial, municipal and state clients. Our expertise extends from understanding the practicalities of sanitary engineering to developing state-of-the-art environmental solutions that can minimize investment and operation costs.

Our company carried out many projects of numerous types, covering a wide range of environmental engineering aspects however focusing mostly on water and wastewater management, including:

expert studies in the field of wastewater treatment, sewer systems, biosolids, water and wastewater hydraulics
pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies and design projects for the water and wastewater treatment, sewer systems and water distribution systems
upgrading and/or extension capacity of existing water and wastewater treatment plants
consulting services and optimisation of water utility operation services
financial planning services for utility managers
technical assistance and supervision in wastewater management
design-build services in water and wastewater sector
field studies, monitoring programs of wastewater and flow measurements
technical assistance (wastewater treatment) for preparation of Phare CBC projects and ISPA projects proposals
advice on Slovak environmental legislation and its implementation
training programs, mostly free of charge provided, for municipalities and state sector

The principal services provided by our team are:

consulting services in the field of urban water management
conceptual and design water, wastewater and sewerage engineering for urban as well as industrial sector (mostly food industry)
assessment of water and wastewater treatment technologies of plants
analysis of plant hydraulics using software tools (hydrodynamic and steady-state modelling)
planning, innovative, development and research projects in the field of wastewater treatment
design of water and wastewater treatment operation processes and operator training programs
design and support for instrumentation and water/wastewater treatment plants control
field studies with design monitoring programs
flow measuring and sampling water and wastewater programs

Our team brings proven experience in the following fields:

comprehensive knowledge of the current state of art in water and wastewater treatment design
broad experience in assessment of existing water distribution and collection systems and treatment plants and their cost-effectiveness upgrade, taking into account the requirements of Slovak environmental legislation and EU Directives
knowledge of structure Phare, CBC and ISPA projects and the background of technical assistance for the preparation of these environmental projects
ability to provide water and wastewater quality analysis and wastewater sampling and flow/quality monitoring
implementation of Slovak and EU environmental legislation in design process
detailed and up-to-date knowledge of Slovak environmental legislation
knowledge of EU environmental legislation and policy
experience with training courses for operators and with training programs for state sector in enviromental sector
project management and supervision