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Consulting Support Services & Optimization of Operation Services

Consulting support services can save municipalities and industrial plant operators money and gain productivity. Our experts apply their real-world experience to improve your performance in areas that include:

Regulatory compliance
Procurement procedure optimization
Value engineering (design review)
Funding assistance

Operation Services: Consistently ranked among the slovak's top wastewater-design firms, Čovdesign is a leading choice among public agencies contracting for wastewater engineering and optimization services. Our engineering, design, and construction expertise extends to facets of water and wastewater treatment plant operations.

Čovdesign team excels in helping you maximize your operating and financial efficiency. We are experienced in designing plant-specific, easy-to-use operations manuals. And, all our Operations Services are designed and delivered by experienced, certified operators and engineers.

Financial Planning Services for Utility Managers: As a leading environmental engineering and consulting firm, we know that your utility has unique circumstances that affect the legal, social and administrative challenges involved in calculating and implementing utility rates and charges. From engineering and operations to accounting and finance, Čovdesign helps utility managers effectively handle the full range of cost-recovery issues.
Field Investigations: Čovdesign is able to provide the field investigations allow owners to evaluate existing treatment methods and to set design concepts on site under specific operating conditions before investing in full-scale implementation. Čovdesign has designed and implemented several field studies for public and industrial clients, and our engineers are experienced in applying the field tests under specific operating conditions to obtain necessary data for professional weighting treatment options prior to design and implementation.