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Company profile

Founded in 2000, ČOVDESIGN, Ltd. is a private Slovakian full-service enviromental engineering company-providing consultancy in the field of urban water management and especially of water and wastewater management in an environmentally sustainable way.
We are built around a core of senior engineering and technical staff experienced in all aspects of wastewater and water engineering from process engineering analysis and optimization to detailed design and construction management.
Our staff is experienced in a wide range of project activities, and we manage these projects efficiently with senior engineering expertise. Our staff keeps abreast of the latest developments in the water sector, allowing us to provide state-of-the art solutions.

Our staff capacities include:

Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical)
Instrumentation & Control
Environmental Technology
Project Management

A team of ČOVDESIGN, Ltd. has carried out design projects, expert studies, field studies (monitoring of water and wastewater quality and flow measurements) and pre-feasibility, feasibility studies and design projects in Slovakia and/or in the other countries (the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, Cyprus) since 1990 as a Design Department of Čovspol, a.s. firm and lately in 1997, this Department transformed into ČOVDESIGN, Ltd. independent and stand alone private Slovakian full-service enviromental engineering company.
Activities of our firm include all aspects of water distribution and wastewater collection, water and wastewater treatment, sludge management and biosolids disposal and overall management of water quality and quantity including environmental and public health issues.

We fulfill client success by understanding your enviroment, ensuring long-term savings and adding values through upgrading and/or innovation.