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Our mission

Our mission is to maintain Čovdesign's leadership in the application of planning, optimization, engineering and construction management skills in the water and wastewater sector. With this strength, we provide our clients with the best possible service to meet your demanding needs. We are developing and applying technology and consulting solutions with one goal always in mind: create measurable cost savings and efficiency every time.

ČOVDESIGN, Ltd. objective is to promote integrated urban water management as the best strategy for securing safe and adequate sanitation for communities.

Our design philosophy can be characterized by credo: make it simple, economical, flexible and innovative. We respond with speed and enthusiasm to our clients' needs. In addition,

Čovdesign comprises the following company's philosophy

Finding simple, workable solutions Designing with the owner and operator's best interests in mind
Releasing additional plant capacity through re-rating, upgrading, de-bottlenecking, process and operation optimization Specifying equipment that offers labor-saving features and extended service life
Maximizing the use of available resources and existing infrastructure Monitoring project success beyond completion

Results of our projects are qualified by maximizing return on assets demands, innovative design, cost-efficient operation and extended service life.