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Design projects

Design projects

The fundamental approach of Čovdesign's design is to examine several scenarios so managers/investors can see the potential effects of changes in design, mode or operations. This method enables low-cost evaluation of different design approaches and operating scenarios without the risk of violating permit requirements. It also ensures that the design will work before construction and without costly overbuilding. Using this way of design we are able, as a leading Slovakian design firm, to offer the following design projects.

Water and waste water treatment plants

At present design of new or upgrading of existing treatment plant requires to employ PC-based tools. Čovdesign uses PC-based mechanical and empirical models to represent material transformations and pollutant removals in both liquid and solid streams. Our programs enable Čovdesign to estimate carbonaceous oxidation, nitrification, denitrification and chemical or enhanced bio-P removal. Hydraulic of treatment plants is also analysed with PC-based hydraulics models.

Design and upgrading water and wastewater treatment plants

Čovdesign has designed an upgrade to many existing treatment plants in Central and Eastern Europe meeting the demands of the area's booming population while adhering to strict permit limits according to EU Directives for suspended solids, organic pollution and nutrients. Treatment plant owners and operators shouldn't assume the only way to increase plant capacity is to invest in new reactors or tanks, which is expensive and potentially unnecessary. Instead, they can look to Čovdesign for comprehensive services and support based on the principle : from diagnostic testing of plant to design and construction of improvements . We focus first on solutions that get the most out of existing volumes of reactors and tanks, yielding quicker and lower-cost results for our clients.

Collection and distribution systems in water sector

Čovdesign is leading design slovakian firm able to analyse and design complex pressurized piping systems. We can perform steady state analyses of water distribution systems, with pumps, tanks, and control valves and/or·perform extended period simulations to analyze the piping system's response to varying supply and demand schedules. Our team employs flexible tools for laying out the system and managing different "What If ?" scenarios.

Similarly Čovdesign has designed and analysed a number of combined and/or separate sewer systems. Within these projects we handled a different hydraulic conditions starting from all pressure and varied flow situations and ending with hydraulic jumps, backwater, and drawdown curves. Our expertise is covering also design of storm sewer systems, combined sewer overflows, storm tanks, etc.

Design of pumping station and water reservoirs

Based on simplified hydraulic modeling Čovdesign prepares precisely design and selection of efficient and economical pumping components, Čovdesign has a mastery of pumping station design.