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Water and Wastewater Design and Comprehensive Services for Communities

Many communities depend on Čovdesign water and wastewater designs and services to protect their waterways, plants and the public health. We focus on plant optimization to ensure that our clients get the maximum use of their existing and future systems. Only then do we look at additional plant expansion or upgrade needs. Getting the most from a facility is our number one goal. We offer our customers a unique blend of consulting engineering, and technology transfer services to provide solutions to our clients' environmental and technical needs.

Professionalism in technical assistance qualifies Čovdesign for drawing up of Phare CBC projects and ISPA projects proposals, development of feasibility studies as an integral part of these applications, etc. Consultancy in this field helps communities to look for other financial sources (not only national or public) such as EU funds (CBC Phare, ISPA and Phare Grant Scheme and in the near future Structural funds, Interreg and Cohesion funds).